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Paul expresses his thankfulness for this community of believers (v. Paul is reminding the church that they are to remain faithful as they “eagerly wait” for Christ’s return (v. Our behavior should be influenced by our desire to please God, because we know that we will see Him soon.

Paul mentions the use of our spiritual gifts in verse 7.

When children misbehaved or exasperated them, was it okay to scream at them?

Every parent can relate to the occasional frustration caused by their child’s actions and attitude—and as a spiritual father, Paul felt this toward his beloved church in Corinth (,15).

Yet in this letter to the Corinthians, which we’ll study this month, Paul sent a message that is paternal and firm but never harsh or screeching. The problems in the Corinthian church—including disunity, pride, misuse of spiritual gifts, and abuse of the Lord’s Supper—were serious indeed.

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Now they wondered if that was really better than corporal punishment.If not, let's ask God to give us the spirit of unity so that we will always "pull with the crew" J D Brannon A CHURCH WITH ONE HEART AND ONE MIND IS A WONDERFUL CHURCH.1 Corinthians 1:1–9 Faithful to the End: Faithful as We Wait Today in the Word A video circulating on the Internet showed a huge black Labrador whose owner, a soldier, had just returned from an extended term of service.Among these was making the thanksgiving a strategic, dynamic force in his message.In today’s passage, Paul directed his thanksgiving to God for the gifts of grace He had given the Corinthians—“all kinds of speech and with all knowledge” (v. This was an interesting choice for Paul; as the letter continues, it becomes clear these very gifts were at the root of the problems causing discord within the Corinthian church.

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