So, also, by the general term Excessive, isj meant such an increased degree of any natural action or affection, as either accompatiies, or tends to produce, the state just describe^.

Lastly, the term Casual merely implies an ignorance of the efiicieiit or final cause of certain afiectimis or actions* The asterifilc S) annexed to some of the Ro^ man numerab which mark the sections, are. A Second Edition of the Elements of Pa- thology has long been expected.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

This attempt has been made in a Preface, and certain introductory Chapters, which will precede the Collections from the Author's unpublished Manuscripts, and which, while they generally investigate the points at issue, have a more particular reference to the subjects of Vascular Irritability, Inflammation, Deter- mination of Blood, and Nervous Diseases. I 3 4 Trs Nature of Haman Sdence •« The Nature of Medical Scieooe -^ Dbonkred State of the Saogui&roqs System £xces8rre or Defecti Te Momentttm of Blood j ^ Determiiiatioii of Blood — — Increase of Heat — « «• ■' Redness — - ' Fulness or Distenaon -* Stroctare and Fttnctions of the Sanguiferons System 7 7 7 ID 1% x6 Coarse of the Circnlatios — - , ^^ Pta Jse — — . Kxcetsive Momentum as a Cause — Local Prcdisposuion or Proneness to Dilatation Opposite Conditions ip Inflammation ** Excessive Moroentuii) the Cause of the Acute Stage Nature of Causation -— — Recovery from Inflammation •— Renewal of Inflammation — — Seat of Inflammation — «- Capillary System — — Extravaeated Fluids from Inflammation ££Fu9io^ of Serum and its Constituents Albumto a^d Fil^rine increased by Inflamm^on Adhesi Te Ii^flamioation i— Union by first Intention — Syncepe ^ L^^ Haemorrhage — ^ — y Atrophy without Fever — - ....

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. The immediate exigen- cies of his profession have, however, so retarded the accomplishment of this design, that he every day sees announced as novelties, opinions, which for thirty years have formed the basis of his practice.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. If, however, this anticipation may have occaaoned him some loss of credit, it has been fully compensated by the advantage^ IV PREFACE.

XV Powers of Capillaries — - ■ ^^ Local Predisposition — — ^g Plethora j^ Affections of the Sanguiferous System -^ jj GENERAL PATHOLOGY. A LL human science is a knowledge of the -^*- qualities and order of Phasnomena. (V.) The pictures or recollections of sensations vre Ideas; which may be termed Phsnomena equally with the sensations which were their prototypes.

(11.) Ftiffifnomena may be divided into two classes, single and complex. (VI.) The uniform and inconvertible succession of like phsmomena constitutes wliat is called Cause and Eflfeet.

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