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When the 2018 Billboard Music Awards opened Sunday, viewers were expecting recognition of the tragic school shooting in Texas two days earlier.Host Kelly Clarkson provided it, though not in the way expected.

Yahoo says it has an answer for this issue: "Any advertising content including video could, for example, be eliminated from the pool of available content or modified to remove video components."In May, New York Senator Charles Schumer called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the use of 'spying billboards', which he described as popping up in cities across the country.

He warned that such technology may represent a violation of privacy rights, because of the way it tracks the individual's cell phone data, and constitute a deceptive trade practice.

Yahoo and Live Nation’s ambitious undertaking to live-stream a concert per day for a full year (dubbed Yahoo Live) finished its first run on July 14, and the results are in: The program logged 135 million live streams from 225 global markets, with a largely millennial audience that spent an average of 24 minutes with each stream.

This huge billboard that was just erected in Times Square." data-reactid="32"Unfortunately, not much has evolved since the time of Mad Men. This huge billboard that was just erected in Times Square.

More specifically, critics are calling the advertisements sexist and infantilizing.

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