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After playing a benefit concert with Roger Waters and the other members of Musicorps in October 2015, I was invited by Roger to join him on a short tour in Fall 2016.

The timing worked out that my medical school applications were submitted, and my calendar was free.

She is dependent on others for access and is having to pay for access to the new dealer and it is not being paid with money.

The Captain Gregory Galeazzi Recovery Fund was started by his family in an effort to help support Greg on his long road to recovery.

When I wrote in July 2015, I was still relearning how to play, since my injury shattered my right arm.

I had no clue how my applications would be received by admissions offices, but luckily, I started receiving invitations to interview at schools starting in September 2016.I’ve broken this update into three categories: School; Personal Life; and Health. School: After my July 2015 update, I continued working on my pre-med classes, finishing in May 2016.In total, I took 18 courses over two years, and academically performed better than I had during any other period of my life.Most likely during the two-week break I have between the first and second years of med school.Some other good news is that I have been playing my guitar quite a bit since my last update.

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