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Why is it that it’s mostly black people who torment other black people for having more pigment in their skin?

Why is it that in the black community people with lighter skin have more privileges than those with darker skin?

When I was young, growing up in Africa in a country where lighter skinned women are the epitome of beauty, I once asked a woman whom I looked up to why women with light skin were considered more beautiful than women with dark skin.

Her answer was straightforward, “Because men like women with lighter skin if you are dark, men won’t find you attractive”.

Light skinned black women have grown to feel more beautiful and superior to darker skinned black women, causing them to mock women with darker skin.

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Not all women are strong enough to withstand such hate and stay true to who they are.If black people have woken up to how white people mistreated them, why can’t they wake up to the fact that their very dark skin is beautiful too?If slavery was abolished, why can they not abolish hating their own brothers and sisters for having darker skin?I saw light skinned women being sought after and exalted as the most beautiful.But the reality is, most black women have darker skin tones.

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