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His room was located on floor B2, and when you enter his room he would be found trembling on his bed.

When you would talk to him he would ask who you are and that he didn't think anyone else was on the island.

After Gorillaz played their last gig at the Isle of MTV in Portugal, Gorillaz moved to Los Angeles to write a film and tension began to grow between the band members.

After suggesting many crazy ideas for the film, Murdoc snapped and attacked 2-D, almost choking him.

He spent a couple of nights at Britt Ekland's flat, but he left because of her habit of running around naked, banging on the walls and never getting any sleep. By the time they met, 2-D adopted a teddy boy style and used to stroll the city along with Shane.

2-D didn't really think about Gorillaz until a couple years later, when he received a text message from Noodle and, with that, he decided to return to Kong with fully restored confidence after he realized he was responsible for the Gorillaz success.

While Stuart wasn't a very intelligent boy, he was known as a kind person and had a general love of music.

Murdoc had revealed that he had kidnapped 2-D and was holding him against his will on Plastic Beach, enlisting 2-D's vocal talents for use on the third Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach.After the El Mañana conspiracy, 2-D and Russel were frantic about Noodle's supposed death.Although it was a hoax, the band went separate ways but not for long.Murdoc was arrested and sentenced to carry out 30,000 hours (1,250 days) of community service as well as care for the vegetablized Stuart for 10 hours every week.One year later, in a poor attempt to impress some women, Murdoc performed a 360 in a Tesco car park in Nottingham with his vehicle.

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