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This pretty much sums up the options for choosing 'speed dating' over 'traditional' dating. As with most of these types of 'meeting site' you need to register your details and be contactable.If we take a look at the services at Brisbane Speed Dating , according to their website this particular dating service seems to generally attract singles in the 20-35 age bracket."I would love to come to Australia, it's one of my favourite places to tour ever," Hoppus said."Australia was one of the very first places on planet Earth that really embraced Blink-182 back in the day, back in the mid '90s.If you are in the "more mature age group" and looking for the same service, scroll down the page past this section to Blink Dating and beyond. With Brisbane Speed Dating, during the course of a couple of hours they make arrangements for you to meet around 15 other people of similar age.They do this by selecting around 15 guys and 15 girls and pairing them up at individual tables. "Six minutes and a bell will ring" officially ending your date before moving on to the next.I've had a really positive experience on this site.

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An International License is not required to hire our vehicles, however please note that Police in some Australian States may ask you for a translated version of your license if it is not in English.

In an interview with Good Morning America last October (via Fairfax), the 40-year-old artist said he will fly again when his two children want to do so.

"I tell my children, 'When you're ready to fly, I'm ready to fly,'" Barker said.

Events are held regularly in Bars and Lounges across: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth.

Seats 5 and sleeps 5 adults, Wicked Fantastic 5 Campervan Hire is the raddest way to cruise around the Australia.

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