Blocade communications backdating

What efforts are the Government making to improve international awareness of efforts to combat FGM and to bring the perpetrators to justice in courts across the world? Internationally, we are working closely with national Governments in the affected countries to support the development and implementation of legislation and policy to end FGM.

Justine Greening: I commend the work of the Kaiza project in my hon. When a case reaches prosecution, it means that there has been a failure to prevent a girl from being cut, so our programme is focusing particularly on prevention.

In the UK, there is increasing awareness of this repugnant practice as a result of the work of agencies such as the Kaiza project in my constituency.

We are now tracking to ensure that those commitments and deliverables are delivered, and supporting national efforts in more than 25 countries.

The UK is the largest donor on female genital mutilation and we are implementing major new programmes to end child and forced marriage.

On the contrary, in his desperate struggle to sway Hitler, Mussolini needed to provide him with a last and unquestionable proof of how awful the situation had become for the regime in Italy and for himself.

In Mussolini's twisted calculations, by deliberately provoking the opposition against him, the vote in the Grand Council would have provided that evidence. I would like to thank the anonymous referees for their helpful comments on the first draft of the text.

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