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And another young lady was running around Confused like a deer in headlights. I work in the dining room most every Sunday & think it would be wonderful for Families to know beforehand that on a special holiday they would get a free treat!

Another girl was playing in the ice cream area but accomplishing nothing. Reply Wouldnt it be great to give away a free ice fream for this upcoming: Fathers Day 2018?

There’s nothing beneficial for us older workers (25-30).

I’m being discriminate by one of my managers just bc he thinks I’m not doing a good job, are you guys going to continue letting crappy things happen in your stores?? I’m planning on quitting and finding a much better job!! Reply I am a Wisconsin gal, transplanted to AZ for 9 mos of the year.

George and Ruth Culver opened their first restaurant in 1961 in Sauk City, Wisconsin. 😁❤️ Reply On April 2, 2018 Culver’s opened a franchise on 34 St. I do not eat fast food at any of the well known eateries due to the quality and taste of the food. I can’t seem to eat enough of the North Atlantic cod basket!

Originally an A&W, the pair purchased the restaurant and renamed it Culver’s. Seems as if the owner has lost interest in this location. However, the first time I ate at Culver’s I loved the food! I live about a mile from Culver’s so they are convenient. However Im an older worker and havent been out & about working anymore for a long time.

There was no offer of A complimentary meal or a complementary ice cream.

What happened here is wrong write a letter to the CEO and all them… This was very upsetting, as I am always doing my best & am a hard worker at Culvers.

But my time is never appreciated or hard work is never recognized.

Tonight I visited a Culvers in AZ on Deer Valley Road #379. Had this been my first visit to a Culvers, I would never go back.

First of all, we were not greeted when we walked in as we were accustomed to hearing. The order came to the table in a timely fashion, but we noticed that the pickles were skipped and so we asked for them and they were delivered quickly. She double bagged the custard and was very efficient.

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