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Well, if you do, you can find it all here in this article.

It is an article specifically about the Bottlenose Dolphin. (What they look like) Bottlenose Dolphins are a very beautiful dolphin and according to the underwater animal kingdom scientists, one of the most beautiful in the sea. Researchers think dolphins are especially vulnerable to suffering and trauma.

These amazing creatures are considered one of the top predators in the marine ecology system.

The Evolution of Dolphins Imagine you are at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom swimming with the dolphins. primariliy by the demolition of their environments as well as both the unintentional and purposeful killing of dolphins due to seine fishing and harpoon dives.

Over many years these animals have gone from land dwellers to deep-sea divers.We have all seen movies where whole cities have to be evacuated when a Nuclear Power plant is about to explode. One major disadvantage of Nuclear Power is that it makes variable amounts of radioactive waste.This waste is causing big problems for the world storage because of its irradiation. world, we all wish to see the dolphins splashing and performing tricks for our entertainment.Dolphins first appeared on Earth some 11 million years ago during the Miocene period (“Earth Science Reference Tables”).It has been decided that dolphins first evolved from Odontocetes, large toothed wales, that... This is brutal act and I think that need be stopped, because the dolphins are killed an the species will be in extinction.

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