Bradley james dating katie mcgrath

The two actors have a hilarious and genuine friendship that shines through onto their easy rapport as Merlin and Arthur.] We shouldn’t expect to see Colin Morgan frequenting any Merthur fanfiction archives in his spare time.

In the era of social networking sites such as Tumblr and Twitter, fans are enjoying a previously unattainable level of direct interaction with their favorite actors and actresses.

Sy Fy starts its run of the last 12 episodes this Friday.

Here’s what we learned from the pair about their show and their characters: While the rest of Camelot may live in fear of the Lady Morgana, Katie Mc Grath wishes she could take more of her character with her off-screen.

"The Living And The Dead is one of those scripts that you read and are instantly compelled and engaged by. It's going to be very special and I can't wait to start working on it with the wonderful creative team.""It's always been a dream of mine to appear in a period drama and they don't come better than this - fantastic, original scripts and, in Charlotte Appleby, a superb character who's strong, passionate and gutsy.

Couple this with an incredible director, crew, and cast, I can't wait to get started!

And you can’t fake that kind of friendship, and I think that’s what people are responding to.”I’m pretty good at keeping separate from all kind of things in terms of Twitter or Facebook or anything online. So in no way does it fuel or affect what ends up going on screen.

Knowing the end is nigh for the knights, ladies, druids, sorcerers and dragons of Camelot made it a massive but bittersweet treat for us to talk to stars Colin Morgan and Katie Mc Grath by phone all the way from London.Says Mc Grath: “I could absolutely see Gwen and Morgana reconciling at this point! (laugh)” Well, yes, if King Arthur and Queen Guinevere gave up the throne and vowed to follow Morgana’s every order, perhaps she would be satisfied. “No,” Mc Grath continues, “To be honest, I think by the time you get through series five, you realize that there is no coming back with their relationship.As long as Gwen admits that Morgana should be Queen and her ruler. There is a big break, and once you’ve watched these episodes you realize that the friendship they had is gone and probably not going to come back.Morgana isn’t the same person she was in seasons one and two. Says Mc Grath, “Bradley and Colin have so much fun playing those characters and the two of them together have really good chemistry as mates.And you can’t fake that kind of friendship, and I think that’s what people are responding to.” [Side note: If you’ve ever watched the Bradley James and Colin Morgan Video Diaries, you’ll know that this is true.

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