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Creating Partnerships At Money20/20At Money20/20, everyone is here, every time—that’s thousands of brilliant minds ready to connect!Our 2017 app has arrived and is packed with lots of great features to help you get the most out of your time in Las Vegas.Everyone has something to offer.” She recalls that one of the most popular offers in previous editions was a student offering up reviews of products from a millennial’s perspective.After you’ve entered the topics you’re interested in learning about or sharing, you can browse through the other C2 participants to see who you should be scheduling a braindate with – either one-on-one, or as a group.Braindates increase the possibility to impact someone, whether it’s through business development or personal growth.Christine Renaud, founder and CEO of e180, touts the importance of “engineering serendipity” through her braindates technology.

On site, you will find trained matchmakers that will help connect you with the right person to discuss your industry, goals, or other interests.Despite their disdain for new introductions, people cite that networking is their number one reason to go to a conference, so avoiding networking is not the solution.The most meaningful moments at a C2 conference occur when the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences is presented.This customized process takes away all of the guesswork on who you’re meeting with and why.Here’s how it works: A few weeks before the conference, attendees get an email with a registration link.

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