Brea grant dating

When he doesn't give an answer, she punches him, unfreezing time before she speeds away.

Daphne comes home to discover that Hiro and Ando have broken into her apartment and stolen her mother's high school track gold medal.

He explains that he can stop time, and tells her that she stole something from him.

Holding up the paper with half of the formula written on it, she stops him from snatching it from her and questions him about his ability.

In exchange for keeping her name from being mentioned, he offers Daphne a job in Japan and hands her a folder containing a picture of Kaito Nakamura.

Daphne races through a New York shipping yard and past a security guard unnoticed.

Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to a moviehaus in Berlin, Germany.

Daphne Millbrook uses her ability to run really, really fast to shoplift.

She runs away with sunglasses and several pairs of shoes.

She tells them that she is there to get the other half of the formula, which will be presented at an exchange in the middle of the film.

She tries to get away by running very fast, but can only run at normal speed, because of the Haitian's presence.

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