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Both Western and Latin influences are very noticeable.The people are warm, friendly, very family-oriented and sincerely helpful by nature; most speak some English, as it is a compulsory school subject.

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Despite its rather grand name it has consistently terrible guest reviews from unsuspecting travelers.Over the centuries, Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese traders visited the islands, all leaving the mark of their own Asian cultures as well as those of Spain and South America, including the Portuguese-speaking countries.So this has influenced music, clothing and fashion, and most of all, the food.Possibly the most welcoming of all the tropical Asian countries both for holiday vacation and retiree living, is the Philippines.While Malaysia may have better infrastructure and even a special retirement scheme for single foreigners or expat couples, there's little doubt that the Philippines has much more to offer in the way of a holiday lifestyle and entertainment, especially for the single male!

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