C sqldatasource updating

Step 1 Create a web forms application Step 2: Create a Database After creating a new website, create a new database from server explorer of visual studio or SQL server.We have shown you an example through visual studio 2010.Delete statement helps to delete one or more records from the database table depending on condition. Example "Where student ID = 1 " - It is a condition, means delete student record whose ID number is = 1.When we have a website or an application associated with database (Sql, Oracle, Mysql and so on) then to do manipulation (i.e.Create a form to update and insert records into database from website as shown above i.e.

Note : To create tables just click on your database name go to tables folder, when you choose to create a table it will ask you add columns.Step 5 Displaying records using select statement We will be display the records on grid view.So let’s display the records using select statement.In simple words it is a space where your data is been stored.In a single database we can create any number of data tables.

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