C validating xml using xsd

With Oracle XML DB, you can store and manage data that is structured, unstructured, and semi-structured using a standard data model and standard SQL and XML.

You can perform SQL operations on XML documents and XML operations on object-relational (such as table) data.

It provides native XML support by encompassing both the SQL and XML data models in an interoperable way.

Oracle XML DB is included as part of Oracle Database starting with Oracle9 Oracle XML DB functionality is partially based on the Oracle XML Developer's Kit C implementations of the relevant XML standards, such as XML Parser, XSLT Virtual Machine, XML DOM, and XML Schema Validator.

You can leverage the power of the relational model when working with XML content, and you can leverage the flexibility of XML when working with relational content.Most application data and Web content is stored in a relational database, a file system, or both.XML data is often used for data exchange, and it can be generated from a relational database or a file system.Our 1095 XML schema validator can pinpoint errors and provide a line number and position number.Oracle XML DB is a set of Oracle Database technologies related to high-performance handling of XML data: storing, generating, accessing, searching, validating, transforming, evolving, and indexing.

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