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I was literally always the healthiest person I knew.I saw several doctors during this time, including a dermatologist, but the Mirena was always discounted as not being a factor and so I honestly did not pay it much mind either.Gay live cams are something more than just sex or having wank.People, who need some relaxation and are going to have some fun, will appreciate this popular chaturbate service, which helps to satisfy their craziest and secret desires.During the first week of October 2008, I finally googled Mirena and hair loss, and BAM!Oh my god, there are SOOOOOO many of us out there with so many horrible side effects from this little thing including tons of women with severe hair loss. I’m actually surprised that there are not more victims of Mirena on this site.

My hair loss got worse and worse and I just could not figure out what was causing it.

I always thought that there was a connection, but told differently.

My man is going to get the snip and I will get this removed right away.

Sadly, the hair thing takes a long time to turn around and I am still dealing with that issue.

My shedding has seriously decreased, but it is not growing back in as much as I hope it will (soon, please? I have recently found some Mirena hair loss success stories online and I am hoping to be one of them, but I was told by my NEW GYN that the effects of the hormone in the Mirena can stay in the body for up to six months after removal. The list of side effects from Mirena is large and includes everything from Ovarian cysts (in 12% of users) to dislodgement and uterine perforation.

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