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When I'd entered the house I thought no one was home.If there was anyone at home that early in the afternoon it would have to be mother but she was often out doing some church or charity work.

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I felt myself able to offer her comfort, so I said, "Mother, it's nothing to be ashamed of, millions of people do it; they do it to relax themselves to..overcome sexual frustration or just for the sheer pleasure of the sensation, it okay." "You aren't disgusted?

There was a moment of paralysed shock, and then rapid panic stricken movements as she pulled her finger from her vagina and took her hand from her breast as she made an attempt to cover herself up.

The moment must have been harrowing for her, and it was certainly wretched for me.

Her matching tartan shirt was unbuttoned to the waist and she was pressing the nipple of one of her breasts.

The finger in her vagina seemed to be making a circling movement and I had certainly traced the source of the sound.

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