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If you wish to learn something about that, please save your time and look for a more suitable document in the world wide web or in your local specialised bookstore.

Naemonbox is an extansive Software Package for monitoring devices.

Before you start to dive deep into the documentation, we think it is fair to let you know if you get the right information out of the document or not.

All that and more make Naemon Box better than ever.You can use a FQDN to identify the host instead of an IP address, but if DNS services are not available this could cause problems.When used properly, the $HOSTADDRESS$ macro will contain this address.I strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with object inheritance once you read over the documentation presented there, as it will make the job of creating and maintaining object definitions much easier than it otherwise would be.Now it is time to create some configuration object definitions in order to monitor a new Windows machine.

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