Ceton cablecard updating firmware

That’s because those OEMs license something called the “Advanced Entertainment Pack (AEP) for Windows,” a technology which allows for more than four tuners. However, a 4-tuner and 2-tuner version of the card will both be available as standalone retail offerings early next year.

In addition to the news about customer-installed Cable CARD tuners, Microsoft also announced that you’re now able to use the Cable CARD tuners with switched digital video (SDV) cable systems, a newer architecture for switching digital video which several cable companies began to use thanks to its bandwidth-saving abilities.

Because of this change on the cable providers’ part, many Windows Media Center users who were previously streaming and recording video with their TV tuners were not able to receive the SDV content.

Now, by using a device called a “tuning adapter” which is provided by your cable provider along with your Cable CARD, you’ll be able to tune into SDV broadcasts when using Windows Media Center in Windows 7.

Whether or not a show is tagged “CF” depends on the media content’s producer, but in the past, Media Center tended to lock down all the content, whether tagged CF or not.

However, it’s actually a rather significant change to the existing rules surrounding the implementations of Cable CARDs in Windows PCs.

Your cable company will inform you if you need one of these tuning adapters when you purchase your Cable CARD.

You will also need to do a firmware update for your digital cable tuner to enable SDV support.

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Last month at the CEDIA EXPO trade show in Atlanta, Microsoft made a major announcement regarding Cable CARDs: the company announced that consumers would now be able to install digital cable tuners with Cable CARD into their Windows 7 PCs…

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