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To reiterate, the BLM OR/WA has zero tolerance for violence in the workplace.This means that every identifiable offense will result in some form of disciplinary action determined to be necessary to correct misconduct and to discourage repetition.Examples are assaulting a co-worker, supervisor, or agency client; causing bodily injury or inflicting bodily harm; throwing a chair at someone, injuring him or her; menacing conduct, including destruction of furniture, that puts the victim in fear of immediate, serious bodily injury.

OR-2010-025Expires: 9/30/2011 Extended to 09/30/2012 To: DMs, DSDs, Staff and Branch Chiefs From: State Director, Oregon/Washington Subject: Disciplinary Actions Based on Violent, Threatening, or Disruptive Behavior Program Area: Disciplinary actions.

Proposed disciplinary actions MUST be coordinated with your Servicing Human Resources Office, Employee Relations staff (Laurie Mc Knight at 503-808-6238, Sherry Tracy at 503-808-6609, or Michael Lysne at 541-947-6153). Background: The Bureau of Land Management Oregon/Washington is committed to having a safe and secure work environment for employees.

It is also critical that the Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) be contacted for determination of possible criminal conduct prior to taking any disciplinary action to ensure criminal and administrative responses are coordinated (the OR/WA SAC is Keith Aller at 503-808-6469). This information memorandum presents guidance on a spectrum of disciplinary actions to be considered in response to violent, threatening, or disruptive behaviors in the workplace.

Indefinite suspensions are those over 14 days and require adverse action procedures (notice periods can be curtailed under the “crime provision”).

Once the pending circumstances are resolved, and/or it is clear from the onset that disciplinary action is appropriate, the following offenses and corresponding range of penalties should be considered from the Departmental Personnel Handbook, Table of Penalties: a.

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