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Let me say, I was breath taken and for a number of reasons.For starters, she looked even more beautiful than the photos Bill had shown me three years ago.And with all due respect to Bill, he is an average looking man at best.Even more surprising than her beauty was that she was all over Bill, holding his arm, hugging him, giving him little kisses on the cheek from time to time.Go to regular site Chance For Russian Brides Want to Meet You Photo Gallery Russian Brides Articles About Us Russian Brides Want to Meet You Watch Video Previews for FREE!Natalya Alexandra Viktoria Lilia Oksana Katherine Maria Natalya ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATES SCANNED July 27, 2016 Flowers from Strangers In 2008 my good friend Joe, his friend Bill and I met for lunch at our health club complex.

So, I threw my luggage on the bed and tried to revive myself with a quick shower and then made a mad dash for the lobby.

However, I still remained skeptical and soon forgot about Bill and his hopes for starting a family with his exotic Russian bride, Olya.

That is, until one day in January 2011 I bumped into Bill and Olya at the health club restaurant and ended up joining them for dinner.

I am sure she could see that I was very pleasantly surprised.

I was also very hungry and suggested that we get a bite to eat somewhere.

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