Chances of dating a stripper

I thought this would be an interesting question to ask.

Kelly Wells didn't hang out with the popular crowd in school.They're tough-minded, driven, tolerant to the nth degree. The job may not be your cup of tea or an option you'd ever consider but to paraphrase someone sharp, "Let (s)he without sin cast the first stone." I mentioned in another thread that I'd been romantically involved with exotic dancers. That doesn't make me an authority, by any means, but I'd like to shed a little light on this.And lots of them aspire to the same lives and lifestyles those of you who look down your noses at them wish for. There are as many reasons to perform that work as there are to be a para-legal (which my wife later became) or a teacher or a cop or -- well, you get the idea. Many of these ladies are practical, honest and hard-working.- Jasmine is ready to commit to her girlfriend for the Ashtyn after being betrayed by men in her past!The couple claim to have a bond that is unbreakable, but Jasmine may have some explaining to do when it comes out that she hooked up with a man!

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