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So–at the risk of having you all think I am completely crazy–I thought today I’d share my little “speed cleaning” routine.I probably spend, on average, about 45 minutes to an hour each morning making my house sparkle.If you wish to review or comment I'd be pleased to take on board your views and I'll try to reply here or to an email address if you wish me to. Fiction may show what is filth, wrong and disgusting.

Likes girls, pretty girls and young girls, but also some other stuff.Condemn those that don't make the distinction between developing imagination and making wishes.Let's say, I admit I grave some things I would never wish to come true.Let's say, I admit I grave some things I would never wish to come true. I like to leave some things unanswered make people think.I've been writing underage erotica for my own enjoyment for years. Mainly consensual paedo (with the exception of Candi Barr) 4-13 yo boys & girls (mainly girls though). Comments, requests, suggestions, fantasies always welcomed. Please remember that a VALID email address is required if you would like a reply - I ALWAYS reply to genuine emails - and ALWAYS ignore flames! Size, Body Modification, Goal Oriented Torture and Physiological Manipulation is in my first series.

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