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I am also broke, at least temporarily and he has offered me money, which of course I refused.

Which means you fit the target demographic perfectluy.

Submitted by Straight_Talk_Luigi (United States), Nov 20, 2014 at I have read many comments here, none of which shed a positive light on any Arab men seeking a romantic relationship with American women.

The similarities in other stories and my own are remarkable, thus I feel the need to write this post and ask for opinions.

That's why they are called fairy tales and not reality. My impression is that he has a pure soul like an angel, he is sweet and caring and at the end of his rope from living in his war torn country.

I have tried to disuade him at every turn but he seems immune to all of my shortcomings, including my brutal honesty about a love affair during my marriage and having HSV2. He wants to escape and has found someone (me) who is caring, kind and (with modesty) attractive for my age.

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As you might guess, I am quite vulnerable after a long and fairly unhappy marriage and lengthy divorce proceedings.

His sister fled Iraq and he says she is urging him to get out.

He used to work for the US Military and would probably be murdered because of this affiliation if the IS terrorists found him.

He says he doesn't care that I'm older than him, have been married before, been unfaithful during my marriage, will never give him children, have no money and am currently unemployed.

(I would avoid me completely) He says he only wants to take care of me. Your probably one of his leading prospects to get out of Iraq! I'm aware of the adage: if it sounds too good to be true..., but I don't know what he could want from me.

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