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I think we might see it going down more of the circus, entertainment route in the future with more demos and less contests, but we’ll see. Maybe we will see some new contests in the future, like the one going on in Sydney? It’s really challenging and there’s a lot of stuff to learn right away.If I can get some more practice in, we should be fine!If you look at the guys in this sport, even the top guys are just breaking even.

We have done around thirty shows now but this was the biggest one so far; we had big screens, light shows and pyrotechnics – the works!I can’t risk putting everything I have into it, which is what it would take to get going. I would never do it with my own money, as I would probably just lose it all [laughs]. André Villa has been a top name on the world freestyle motocross scene for over a decade. I arrived here at Santa Pod yesterday, having come straight from the Monster Energy Cup in California, where I was riding the Best Whip contest. Just before that I was putting on an event in Norway.The adrenaline junkie from Norway has recently taken a step back from competitive FMX riding to concentrate on putting on his own FMX events and having some fun! It was an indoor event with FMX, BMX and live music.

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