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"We can confirm we did not pull off any hacks that involved women and malware." For Bahaa Nasr, the program manager of Cyber Arabs, an online safety project based in Lebanon, the Fire Eye report shows that social engineering is still the best and easiest way to hack almost anyone.

Back in the pre-digital era the femme fatales working for shadowy spymasters actually had to apply themselves in bed, or come very close to doing so.

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"Keep in mind that we are not the only actors," a Syrian Electronic Army spokesman told via email.Nowadays there’s no need for such carnal performances—digital spooks can just set up a dating site or direct seemingly sympathetic women to flirt online via Skype chat.Forget pillow talk, the spyware they can insert in a victim’s computer will give them the full monty.Fire Eye researchers did not name any specific victims, but said that among them, there was an "opposition leader," a high-profile defector, humanitarian aid workers, as well as various opposition fighters, some from the Free Syrian Army, as well as other groups.The researchers stumbled upon the "enormous" collection of chats and documents from these victims while investigating other malware, Galante said.

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