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Everyday tasks which most people take for granted - such as working, socialising, shopping, speaking on the telephone, even just going out of the house - might be a wearing ordeal marked by persistent feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness.

Public performances or social gatherings might be out of the question.

Et bien, non, car à 23 ans vous avez des repères acquis et projetés qui volent en éclat. car déjà on est une génération de névrosés, une génération sans futur en quête d’un avenir incertain si en plus les repères que vous avez disparaissent, vous perdez pied.

La normalité existe dans la décomposition, on mélange, on switch, on accommode et on vous demande de trouver cela tout à fait normal.

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J’ai construit une maison avec un plan sur un terrain inconstructible.Many people have particular worries about social situations like public speaking or talking to authority figures, or experience more general feelings of shyness or a lack of confidence.For some, however, these social anxieties and fears can become much more troubling and difficult to cope with.However, most of us have found that just finding out more about the issues and talking to other people who know what it is like to experience the same problems has been truly beneficial.It might feel like it sometimes, but you are not alone....

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