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A shapely young blonde passed me, bare bottom wiggling.„Girl! I’ll change it at once.”I swivelled my chair around. Without demur, she put down her tray and placed herself across my waiting thighs.

“They should have finished on this patio fifteen minutes ago. Too overblown for my liking but I knew many men liked a woman like that. She was blonde - very long hair - with a superb figure. I was still trying to adjust myself to the fact that such severe punishments were quite run-ofthe mill on Bianca’s Island.“And the blonde youngster? She’s had a couple of good canings so far, but still won’t settle down. that should quieten the girl down at bit.” The Overseer grinned.“Quite so, Miss,” he nodded. At once she seated herself on a chair set on a dais beyond the Punishment Block.“The Punishment Session is now open,” she said. These were on a level with the top of the leather Block. “After a few days this girl became reasonably compliant but now we are progressing to new and more difficult stages, she is becoming rebellious again.”“She doesn’t like the idea of sucking your cock, youmean? ”“Melanie, Ma’am.” Madame Grosse’s stony eyes fastened on the blonde.“Melanie,” she rasped, “you will kneel and kiss your Trainer’s prick! Then the true impact of the pain got to her and a piercingly shrill screech of torment filled the Chamber. I watched the mad writhing of that young, weal striped bottom with the very greatest pleasure.She was gagged - a broad strap running over her mouth and chin. The Chief Overseer’s ordered 18 strokes of the three-thonged Martinet.”“All on the buttocks? “Especially as I have been ordered to use the Martinet with the zircon-studded ends.”“Indeed? I and Miss Ramon moved to chairs a few yards behind and to the left of the Block, which was no more than six or so feet away from us.“Mason...”Their Overseer advanced and bowed slightly. Once locked into the Pillory, the girl’s torso and breasts rested on a flat leather squab. She was trying to back away, tugging on the chain, an iron ring biting into her neck. At that moment, ANYTHING seemed better than more punishment. Madame Grosse looked around the Chamber and saw a small group of Overseers in one corner. ”“That’s right, Ma’am.”“It will be dealt with.” she beckoned to the Negro. A bottom that now carried three encircling weals, purpling where the lead shot had bitten.Her eyes were wide and she kept tugging senselessly on her chains. 3 relatively light, but even the lightest rod was of the thickness and weight of a standard school cane - so, no laughing matter. l was a real brute which could raise a weal over a quarter of an inch wide. ” enquired Miss Ramon.“Failure to please a guest,” replied Mason.“That’s surprising, in view of her experience.”“Yes, I agree, but there you are. “At your service, Ma’am.”“I have left some instructions,” said the Chief Overseer,” but I see there are two new defaulters. ”“Relatively, Ma’am.”“Deal with them first then.”“Yes, Ma’am. 3.”“Proceed, Mason.” The Chief Overseer sat stonily. This squabdeveloped into a high-curving hump when it reached her flanks. But her thighs did not fall down straight behind the Block. Unhurriedly, Grant moved across to the other side of Melanie and gave her the second stroke.Naked slaves flitted to and fro, bearing trays and glasses. Three couples, some half a dozen men on their own, either middle-aged or elderly.These ‘waitress’ slaves were garbed as I remembered before. Two naked slaves were scrubbing the wide steps that led down to the rolling lawns beyond.

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