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Finally both Beckenham and Penge have to form 'the backside of the South East' and I don't where else in this country that I settle down in just as long as I'm happy. I enjoy being dressed in rubber panties, nappies and big sissy girl dresses whilst in the care of a loving, but strict Nanny or Mummy.

I would like to find out more, please, about visiting you for a session in your nursery and about the costs and conditions etc. Also, what other related items do you have for disciplining naughty babies like me?

buys her stuff in charity shops, and these falsies when new could have easily set me back around £500.00 quid for a pair!

I had originally received my pair of 'way out of their sell by date puddings' from another transsexual called "Annabel", and they were showing signs of splitting even then to the extent now of becoming goowey I am would really like to be turned into a tiny baby maybe force fed or punished for not wetting my nappy fast enough for mummy maybe a humiliated by mummy and generally treated like a baby is this something that would be possible?

what sort of time period would it be over what other types of things would you do / expect from baby?

support a local minor or major league team, a semi-pro or professional team.

So "to be sure" as the Irish say I would continue wearing a bra up to the moment that I've got 'proper ones' but I won't unfortunately be able to breast-feed an infant though which must give me the visualisation of a pub with no beer I still have a marked arse. I will be due a further naughty baby session in around 6 weeks I will be passing through to Wrexham. Baby Diddums ( Rob )You're cute little darling wishes to go to bedy-byes feeling like she's a real baby whilst she is with her "Teddy Bears" and sucking away on one of her "Beatrix Potter" dummies so please mummy could you dispatch those adult sized "Pampers" and baby bonnet when mummy finds the time to do this.

but the only remaining marks are fromyour hand spanker thing - what us Adult Babies have to put up with! It would be nice to have some new mittens to match the bonnet - that would be bliss!

- Such as...."I have to visit my sick aunty in hospital"You never know, I might even believe you!

If you could me with your post code,at least It will give me a rough idea which way to head, but I will give you a ring about 9.00 next Tuesday for for more specific directions. Anyone that is in my situation would understand that it is wicked by immense proportions that in order to live a reasonable quality of life I've got to pay hundreds of pounds for specially made wigs!

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