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She hadn’t told them that she had been going to protests, and they blamed her for what had happened.Her grandfather, who occupied a mayoral position as head of the village, told her that her actions reflected badly on the entire family: how could he now command the respect he needed to mediate disputes? Her aunt, with whom she had lived since the death of her mother, a few years ago, scolded her frequently, and her brother, Ahmed, hit her.The following day, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, at that time the leader of Egypt’s Military Council and the country’s de-facto ruler, paid a visit to the hospital with a state-TV camera crew. The pain is apparent in her voice as she whispers what the Army did to her.

Her left wrist and fingers had been broken, and her feet were so badly lacerated from being dragged across the rubble of Tahrir that she couldn’t stand. In the video, Badawi’s hand is bandaged and she has a crescent-shaped bruise under one eye.

road from Cairo through the Nile Delta is uneven and choked with traffic.

The roads leading off it become soft silt tracks, winding through villages that are strung along the ridges of levees, amid a maze of tributaries and irrigation canals.

Badawi arrived, apologizing; her exam had lasted longer than expected.

She is twenty-three years old and was dressed in the fashionable but conservative manner common among young Egyptian women, with black trousers and a black-and-white blouse over a tight black turtleneck.

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