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Nevertheless, the church to a large part has not sufficiently taken note of and passed down the historical and theological knowledge that builds a foundation for a reasonable faith. He has found an audience among past and present churchgoers, some of them skeptics, many of whom are interested, shocked, and left wondering why they have never learned any of this in their churches.

Despite the anxiety Ehrman’s rhetoric can produce, however, in some ways he has done all of us a favor.

It makes sense for an opponent of Christianity to try to discredit the authors of its foundational writings; but does the evidence, fairly assessed, really bear out Ehrman’s skepticism in this regard?


First, starting on the inside of the other person’s framework, we ask: What can we affirm and what do we need to challenge in this worldview? And in particular, how is the view unlivable and how is it inconsistent?Or, for instance, could you provide an illustration of how this method might look in a discussion about the recent royal wedding? First, I need to say that I am addressing a caricature that is certainly not always true.However, I have found it to be the case too often, especially in teaching students both on the undergraduate and graduate level.” In this chapter the authors show that the gospel found in the New Testament was based on the Old Testament expectation of a Messiah fulfilled in Jesus and that this gospel was preached almost immediately after Jesus’ death and resurrection.This chapter takes up the matter of the authorship of the New Testament documents.

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