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, we asked readers what we should be talking about with our lezsplainers (aka special guests who serve as diverse and different voices from the lesbian/bi/queer community).

We have some returning faves and new special guests this time around and included real live tweets and comments from readers who responded to our polls over the last few months.

""""Pheromones is a fictional account of a single father and his 19 year old son experiencing the powerful influence of man"s natural aroma.""""Remember, there are always two sides of every story.

Added: 16-Feb-2003 He touched his privates lightly and marveled at how hard and strong it was just at the thought of the events he had participated in the day prior. His bottom was very relaxed and had no repercussions from yesterdays activities.

Much of the research on bisexuality, as an apt illustration, has centered (and continues to focus) on its very existence.

There are many who claim bisexuality does not exist, is a passing phase, or is a purposeful attempt to lay the groundwork for coming out as a gay man or lesbian woman. "“I don't know if she is bisexual or if she just wants to get attention”: Analyzing the various mechanisms through which emerging adults invisibilize bisexuality." 13, no.

A telling 2013 survey of college students found the majority believed males engaging in bisexual activity are transitioning to homosexuality and females engaging in bisexual activity are participating in a new rite of passage or feigning bisexual interest to please males.[4] A quote from one study participant illustrates the latter belief: Some people will pretend to be bisexual only to get attention. Ross, Cheryl Dobinson, Scott Veldhuizen, and Jill M. "Women's sexual orientation and health: Results from a Canadian population-based survey." 49, no.

I know there are many girls who kiss each other to please men, things like that … [5] The authors of the study found that subjects’ requirements for bisexuality were so stringent that “it was almost impossible to be a ‘real’ bisexual” (for example, subjects reported bisexuals must have an equal attraction to both genders).

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