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Nirmal, being a professional IT guy, had handled Nehara’s campaign for the most popular actress award.

Chrihashni Nehara Canishia Pieris, better known as Nehara Pieris, became popular for her performances in teledramas ‘Ruwan Maliga’, and ‘Amanda’.

My screen fills with the rooms of my house and I see myself standing expectantly at the living-room door.

I am wearing what I picked out yesterday, jeans and a white T-shirt over my tall, slim and buxom female frame.

Devorce is granted but All expenses of his daughter has to be paid by Menaka.

Menaka also should allow his former wife Virangani to take full responsibility of looking after the daughter and total care of the daughter would be in the hands of Virangani without Menak’s interference.

This mini-course is designed to survey opportunities for asset protection that can arise during tax planning and to determine how to properly report such transactions.

Popular actress Nehara Pieris and Actor Menaka Rajapaksha got married yesterday.

The Wedding held at Kingsbury Hotel yesterday and it was limited to selected guests.

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Thus, when taxpayers use their vehicles in their businesses or employment, they can deduct that portion of the cost of operating their vehicle.

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