Checklist dating violence

If a man penetrates your anus with his penis without your consent, this is rape. If someone penetrates your anus with another part of their body or object, this is called ‘assault by penetration’.This type of sexual assault can be committed by both men and women.If someone intentionally grabs or touches you in a sexual way that you don't like, or you’re forced to kiss someone or do something else sexual against your will, that’s sexual assault.

Here are some other terms you might hear used in relation to rape, and what they mean.

It’s important to think about getting medical help as soon as possible, to check for sexually transmitted infections, injury or pregnancy. You might experience some of the emotions below, or you might feel nothing at all.

Whatever you feel, your response is normal and we can help you cope.

In the courts this will be treated very similarly to rape, with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Rape and sexual assaults are traumatic experiences that can affect you both physically and emotionally.

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