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(sample conversation: Me: "What did you do last weekend? " This is not a simple request for shorthand for "disclose your location, because I'm coming, and I don't intend to ask what you think about that because we are dating and therefore you want me present at every moment." Basically, codependency, like awkward, is not a word that would make sense here.

It would translate roughly as "in a relationship."In a climate like this, it makes sense that everyone who is not in a relationship tends to be actively seeking one with the intentness of a job hunter.

In the roughly translated words of one well-meaning interrogator (with whom I have a professional relationship which would have precluded this conversation in other countries): "What are you talking about?! I'll leave my response at that because I'm sure you can imagine what the rest of it would be.

I had one private lesson that pretty much consisted of me spending 90 minutes, three times a week, explaining all of the ins and outs of my relationship status. I'd tell him to practice asking questions in the simple past, and the first one he'd come up with would be, "Why did you break up with your ex-boyfriend?

Men seem to like it since it reminds them of their main sexual objective and women seem to like it because it makes them feel wanted and gives them clues about what men are looking for (so that the women can know better just how to go about getting what they want). The problem in Chile is that men want to get married to women (or at least live with women) who are attractive and will “turn them on” and fulfill them sexually. The idea of having a woman as a companion “to talk to” about important subjects in life is a distant third for most men. In the larger scheme of things (although there are certainly exceptions), the woman is to conform herself to the man’s life and circumstances.

This fact is especially true among more religious people.

To be fair, I myself know very few foreign women who are living in Chile for reasons other than a Chilean partner.

Maids and gardeners take care of the house, garden, lawn, babysitting, laundry and cooking.If you happen to be one of those domineering, malicious and overbearing American women that Oprah and other daytime television is famous for helping to create, then Chile is probably not the place for you.Ditto if you are one of those American gals raised and nurtured in the U. public school system, having imbibed grocery store checkout magazine culture–not to mention romance novel and Sex in the City philosophy."The unintelligible quality of my single status comes from two main angles, as I see it.First, I'm 25, which means I should be husband-hunting based on common logic.

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