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The singer tweeted, "@Page Six this is a [email protected] 5 mins in a sex shop cud only get u lube! " • Now that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have finally revealed their twins' faces, expect to see plenty of cutesy pictures of "dem babies" dressed up in a variety of matching outfits.Accoring to Media Take-Out the singer Chris Brown & Kelly Rowland are a couple.However, Brown instead allowed pre-orders of his seventh album Royalty to be made available on that day while Rihanna did not release her eighth LP Anti as anticipated.Ahead of the release of Royalty, Brown has unveiled the official tracklisting for the record which features three bonus tracks.Lyrics include: "I keep looking for love, can't find it in a party, in a whole room full of bodies/I keep looking for love, dying over diamonds." Although it was initially thought that the song had been recorded recently, a source has told Urban Islandz that the track is indeed old.The insider said: "That song is really a previously recorded unreleased single that was revamped and remastered."Titan's screaming and Blue is probably climbing something."The two stars still find the time to go out without their kids and husbands Tim Witherspoon and Jay Z and always have "too much fun". "The 34-year-old star credits Beyoncé and her other former bandmate, Michelle Williams, for helping her through her mother Doris Rowland Garrison's shock death in December.

Does this Russian pensioner look like Donald Trump?Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez cuddled up at a chilly hockey game over the weekend... The Black Eyed Peas insist they're not breaking up, and Rihanna is not some sort of sex shop genius. , tourmates Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown are a thing. In fact, just a few weeks ago those two were battling pregnancy rumors, although he did recently tweet, "Analyze who is in your circle...A "source" claims that Chris started hitting on Kelly about four cities into his F. Eliminate the unnecessary." But then it's hard to take anything seriously from a guy who writes things like, "The path you walk is only as good as the Mind who leads it!We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.[Verse 1: Chris Brown] Swear it isn't real, I like the way it looks but I hate the way it feels, oh I know what it is, I've seen this before, got caught for a million I know that I'm nervous, cause it really ain't a thing natural about it Water into wine please, she seem like a miracle, I know that's impossible [Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown] You don't wanna love maybe nah Baby you gon' give me everything you got Damn right, say you love me Why you in my bed turning over like the greys of the ones before you, 'fore ya?

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