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Don’t rush into a relationship and close your eyes and ears. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a great place to get started.

I’ll also link to a few other blogs, books, and websites to help you continue the process.

We cannot guarantee that everyone that visits this site is a committed (born-again) Christian, however only committed (born-again) Christians are eligible to become members. We are NOT an Internet Dating Service, rather we are a personalised one-on-one Christian Introduction/Dating Service.

QUESTION: I am separated from my spouse - the divorce is pending - can I join in the meantime? Amongst other reasons - In a nutshell - Although you might not be living as husband and wife - technically you are still married. You can only literally move on once your divorce is final.

What are the last five spiritual books you’ve read?

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ANSWER: We presume that the people that visit our website are committed (born-again) Christians and have come to this website to meet other like-minded Believers with similar interests and beliefs.

We trust that everyone who joins as a member will conduct themselves in a Christian-like manner.

QUESTION: Once I have completed the form and submitted it to you, am I obligated to join as a member of Connecting Christians? But since you have completed it, we encourage you to follow through with membership as you never know what surprise God might have in store for you. Having said this, we have a heart for single Moms and other unattached Christians who are genuinely going through "financial hard times" And if you believe you fit into these categories, we do offer reduced fees (purely at our discretion). And the onus is on you to share this with the Facilitator. It should match both ways (or as close as possible).QUESTION: Can I become a success story one day, so that my testimony can encourage other Christian singles? Nothing would give us more joy than for you to become a success story and for you to share your testimony to encourage other Christian singles. A non photograph will not influence your chances of meeting someone special, however, strongly recommended, (as they assist us in the selection process, as we do not have the opportunity to meet each and every member).As per the membership form (where applicable) you have the choice to indicate a) For RECORD purposes only (in which case members are welcome to exchange photos between themselves) b) Your photo will be attached to your profile and forwarded to select members.QUESTION: What happens if after I have joined, I get "cold feet"? ANSWER: Cash/direct bank deposit/internet transfer. However, you do need to first complete the membership form, in order for us to have your details on hand whilst praying for you. ANSWER: Email us stating your reasons and we will do the necessary. QUESTION: What happens if I don't get profiles right away? Membership is constant and daily and we believe there is always someone for everyone!ANSWER: The most important aspect of meeting people is to have fun and enjoy the experience. Kindly do not phone or SMS/Whats App in this regard. ANSWER: The Terms of payment of fees are payable before your membership becomes active. If you cannot download your mail from your office PC, you could even use a family member's or friends PC! QUESTION: What happens when someone new joins and I am the right match? ANSWER: Just let us know and if you can not deal with it, we will contact the other member and advise them.

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