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aka Sunnon Carlos Hugo BOURBON (Duke) of PARMA (Paris 8/4/1930 - 18/8/2010 Barcelona) ; aka Charles Hugues Xavier Marie Sixte Louis Robert Jean Georges Benoit Michel; Count of MONTEMOLIN; (PRETENDER-KING of SPAIN) John (Major) MONTGOMERY (Eaglesham, Renfrews.? The following represents an outline of the genealogies of the Muslim rulers of Spain, on which much work remains to be done.His descendants continued to rule al-Andalus until the early 11th century, Emir Abd er-Rahman III adopting the title Caliph in 929.Towards the end of the period of Ummayad rule, real power in the state shifted to al-Mansur and his family who relegated the caliphs to secondary positions (see Chapter 3).Ibn-el Kouthya states that Rodrigo asked for assistance from "les fils de Witiza, qui avaient dj atteint l'ge de pubert et pouvaient monter cheval", but that "Almounzavec ses deux frres" betrayed Rodrigo and informed "Tharik fils de Ziad"Ibn Idharis Al-Bayan Al-Moghrib describes the second wave of invasion 27 Apr 711 led by Tarik who led une arme de 12,000 berbres, after receiving the consent of son patron Ibn Noayr and landed prs dune montagne qui porte encore son nom [Gibraltar] and provides detailed reports of the different versions of the subsequent battle recorded by different chroniclers Ibn Idharis Al-Bayan Al-Moghrib records detailed descriptions of the capitulation (in chronological order) of Crdoba, Mlaga, Granada, Murcia, Toledo, Carmona, Sevilla, Mrida, Sevilla (a second time) and Niebla The impression is that the southern half of Spain at least capitulated within a couple of years of the first invasion.

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The period 1010 to 1013 saw a breakdown of the caliphate system of government in Crdoba, when locally based lords assumed control in their own areas forming the basis for the network of so-called Taifa kingdoms which emerged in al-Andalus during the course of the 11th century (Chapter 6). ) ; `of the Hundred Battles' (110) Eoghan (Owen) MOR ; aka Eugene `the Great'; aka Eagon More; poss. - 226) (114) Feargusa Dubdetach `the Long Haired' Mac IMCHATHA (? ) ; aka Fearghus Caisfhiaclach Mac IMCHAD (115) Cormac Ulfhada (Ulfhota; `Longbeard') Mac AIRT (? - 365) ; aka Eochaid (XII) Muighmheadhoin (Mugmemdon) (Tara) (125) Crimthann of IRELAND Although the 106th Monarch existed, Niall Noigiallach united Ireland and many lists designate the 126th Monarch as ``First King of Ireland'' and number the Kings starting with him. Boulogne) ; aka Nial (MOR) NAOIGHIALLACH `of the Nine Hostages'; conquered nine countries (incl. ) ; aka Aedh II (142) [598-604] Colman Rimid, son of 139th Monarch, q.v. - 607) ; aka Aedh III Uaridnach (144) [612-615] Mael Coba Mac AEDA (? aka Maolchabha, King of CINEALL CONNILL (145) [615-628] Suibhne Meann, aka Suibne Menn, son of Fiachna, son of Fearadhach, son of Muirchertach (Mortough) Mac EARCA (146) [628-642] Domnall Mac AEDA of IRELAND (? (156) [710-722] Fergal (O'NEILL) Mac MAEL DUIN (Mac MAOLDUIN) (? Ireland overrun by Vikings who proclaimed their leader Turgeis/Thorgest to be King of Ireland. ) ; aka Art (III) Aonthir; aka Art-Ean-Fhear Eanfhear Aenfher (113) Lugaid (Lughoidh) Mac Con Mac LUGAID (? (149) [654-665] Diarmit II, son of Aed Slaine Mac DIARMATA (150) [654-665] Blathmac, son of Aed Slaine Mac DIARMATA (sometimes confused with 150) [654-665] Blathmac Mac MAEL COBA of ULSTER (? ) (151) [665-671] Sechnussach, son of 150th Monarch Sources may show two different pedigrees for 152nd Monarch (152) [671-675] Ceannfaeladh, son of 150th Monarch, q.v. ) Finachta Headhat (the Christian King who remitted the impost imposed by 106th Monarch).Most of the 10th century compilations, including the 10th century Ahmad bin Musa al-Razi and the mid-11th century Ibn Hayyan, are lost but their material was incorporated into the anonymous Fath al-Andalus ([1100]) and Ibn Idharis Bayan al-Maghrib ([1300])Ibn Idharis Al-Bayan Al-Moghrib is dated to after [1306].However, it incorporates fragments of earlier works which have since disappeared, including a chronicle written by Arib ben Sad in Crdoba in the 10th century The lateness of all these sources has resulted in considerable debate about their reliability.

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