Cinderella dating

It's likely she is jealous of Hinata gaining Yatarou's attention and love interest, but has restrained herself and has become passive other the two's feelings.If Yatarou decides to give the stuffed bunny to Hinata, Honoka calls Yatarou to the pier.She has a bit of a tsundere personality and has a hard time admitting her feelings.She is the tomboyish neighbor of Yatarou and in the past, stayed with him after Hinata moved away.

Yatararou tries to get up and run, but looks down and sees himself tied down.Being the feminine girl of the game, she acts friendly towards Yatarou and Honoka, although truly she has no sympathy towards Honoka, She even admitted towards keeping Yatarou for herself however her true colors reveal the more attachment their is between her and DJVon.In the past, Hinata had moved away to Tokyo during elementary school.Although during the years, her love for him has grown unrequited and she had become more neglected as the years went on.She has visited him often, in the claim that she has an interest speaking with his mother, however she had later revealed she only visited to see Yatarou.

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