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Instead, a hierarchical clustering algorithm is based on the union between the two nearest clusters.

The beginning condition is realized by setting every datum as a cluster.

However, there are no general theoretical guidelines for selecting a measure for any given application.

It is often the case that the components of the data feature vectors are not immediately comparable.

) Don’t try to over analyse which one of the other three your partner has.

The chances are, if he/she exhibits the traits of one, then he/she will have at least some elements of others.

Again, domain knowledge must be used to guide the formulation of a suitable distance measure for each particular application.=1.

After a few iterations it reaches the final clusters wanted.

Finally, the last kind of clustering use a completely probabilistic approach.

Been a while, starting to catch up again, with this wide angle cam still difficult to see distances in perspective, but no more than 20ft/6 meters!

This is at a public nude beach with a walking path (community wants to have "social" control), so people that walk there know that there are people nude , and men with boners.

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