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Therefore, there isn't any reference on the site for this doll.There is one possibility to try and find out more information about this doll.I do have pictures of her face and there is a name on her back that I can't really read. Most the time people give these dolls to thrift stores is because they know they aren't worth much if they tried to sell them.Considering the doll's dress is so dirty and the doll is in fair shape you might be able to get around if you wanted to sell the doll.I have two porcelain dolls that I can't find any info on.Identifying marks on a baby doll in white wicker crib and elegant pink gown are ' Cheria O' Neal 25/2500, 1995; the other is "Fi Fi" Palmary Collection, Three Hearts 18/750. I have a porcelain doll that was given to me 46 years ago. Can someone please tell me about it or tell me where I can find out about it? She is 11 inches tall and did have a pearl necklace. If your doll has no marking at all, the only way to find out who made it, when it was made, and if it is worth money is through an auction house.That would be my only suggestion because the company doesn't have images of their older doll collections they produced.I recently bought a doll from the thrift shop for my mom, but her original dress was dirty.

The prices given in Madame Alexander price and identification guides are the current retail values of the dolls at the time the book was published.

In addition to the factors listed above, the principles of supply and demand and the current doll market also have an effect on the values of Madame Alexander dolls.

Since many different Madame Alexander dolls were created using the same face molds and body styles, sometimes it is nearly impossible to distinguish a doll's original character without its original costume and accessories.

However, that doesn't really mean that the doll isn't worth something.

The value of your doll will be determined by the supply and demand factor.

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