Comic strip dating russian

Branner, not much older at 18, supplied the choreography for her routine. But after more than ten years on the road, Martin and Edith began to tire of that life and wanted to start a family.

It is the only publishing house in Russia which monthly produces original non-franchised comic books.

What follows below is the first Winnie Winkle comic strip, published September 20th, 1920.

This and other reprints of comic strips from the twenties and thirties are courtesy of the website: Deep Dish: groovy gay pop culture, a pop culture website with a gay perspective.

That same year, a popular new comic strip, following Winnie in 19. Winnie Winkle began her life as a breadwinner on the comic page at the tender age of 17, starting work as a stenographer to support her elderly parents, a ne’er do well father and a long suffering mother.

Martin Branner, the writer and artist behind Winnie’s adventures, had met his own wife when she was just beginning a career as a vaudeville dancer at the tender age of 15.

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