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Like many native born Australians, Ned Kelly would have been a great advocate for ANA that gave us our unique identity that supported the underdog.ANA gave us the Wattle blossum as our national bloom on our Coat of Arms and the Australia Day holiday on the 26 January to celebrate Australian values and a fair go. See NATIVENED web page below ~ The accepted view of history is mostly written by the winners, and many sides of a story are not always told.  In pursuit of truth and balance, the following facts are in support of Ned Kelly and does not sit well with contradictory views.- Regarding the 1878 police party that set out to apprehend the Kellys, - did you know that in the course of their paid duties Sergeant Kennedy and Cnst Scanlan had shared a substantial reward fora previous man arrest.In the course of the interview she unconsciously showed that this influence subsisted to the where the Kelly homestead stood near Greta West.

did you know Sgnt Kennedy had been tipped off- knowing where the Kellys were hiding - it was no accident they were camped at Stringybark Creek.did you know Mc Intyre wasnot harmed as Ned said he would not do so, - but Mc Intyre changed his story 3 timesin defence of the police actions out of loyalty, yet the police themselvespersecuted Const Mc Intyre.these stories and more can be read at 'Two Huts at Stringybark Creek' story 7 did you know that because Ned Kelly was declared anoutlaw by an act of Parliament, he legally could not be trialled for anything after that Parliament had been dissolved for an upcoming election, and the following trial for Ned Kelly was conducted illegally.Admin Dee says, I am sure that most "Pro Kelly" people are NOT afraid of debate and challenge and critical review of Kelly history, and would NOT support the action of the small fringe of Kelly bullies and thought forum Police who intrude on every discussion about Ned Kelly with the intent of shutting it down censoring it and stifling debate.Unfortunately however such a fringe DOES exist and no doubt will attempt to derail THIS Forum as well It will be 134 years this week since notorious bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged in a Victorian prison for the murder of police constable Thomas Lonigan.

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