Cost of updating electrical panel

Architects4as Architects in Bangalore, we first finalize the floor plan and elevation.So that the contract can give a specific and exact cost for the project, Construction cost in Bangalore of any structure, may it be residential or commercial are dependent on some base factors.The major advantage is that the Scope of Architectural designing will be better.Hence you can expect a well-Designed house with good landscaping concepts.The Second Duplex house will be Half of 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor.In this option the Site is will be Located in very Prime location but the size of the rooms and your common shared common amenities will be nil.If it is not right quality and if not mixed right quantity, the outcome will not be fine.

This would be the Best option where the site will be in a good location on Sarjapur road and also one can enjoy good common amenities on the third floor.

Note : FAR for 30×40 Site at 1.75 as per BBMP will be 1200 sq ft x 1.75 = 2100 sq ft (Excluding Parking). Third Floor : Common area / Shared area can we developed whenever the Budget is available.

Details : Cost escalation | 30×40 designs | 30×40 elevations | Labor rates Site Cost : Rs 80 Lacs (Considering Sompura Gate, Sarjapur road ) Building Construction Cost : Rs 70 lacs (4500 sq ft ) Ground Floor / Stilt Floor for Parking only with Lift. This is also an advisable option Since it would really not be far from your workplace.

Note: FAR for 20×30 Site at 1.75 as per BBMP Bylaws will be 600 sq ft x 1.75 = 1050 sq ft (Excluding Parking).

Informative: Construction materials for Building a House | Building Contractor rates | Government Approvals required | Plan sanction process | BESCOM connection | Procedure for Site registration Site Cost : Rs 75 Lacs (Considering Off Sarjapur road at Rs 6000 / sq ft ) Building Construction Cost : 75 Lacs (3800 sq ft) Ground Floor Parking with Lift up to Terrace.

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