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Watch out because you might also fall in love and it can just make things harder. Take care of your heart, but also keep in mind that finding love is always a risk.I do not think it is cheating and who knows maybe this what you need to get over it knowing you can move on and have a life sounds very nice to me.Maybe I am stereotyping but those are my inner thoughts about it.If you feel it is wrong then don't go against that.While some couples are able to put their relationships back on solid ground, other couples may come to the mutual decision that it's best for them to go their separate ways.It all depends on how important the relationship is to each party.Yes, you can pick a name out of the telephone book but make sure any therapist you select is licensed by your state and has the educational credentials and enough practical experience to help you.Couple's therapy isn't a magical solution that can fix any relationship, but it can help a couple sort out what the future holds for them.

Counseling can help couples deal with issues including, but not limited to: Your family physician may be able to direct you to a licensed family therapist whose work he is familiar with.

The sessions are overseen by a licensed therapist who will help a couple learn to: Relationship counseling, or couple's therapy, is for any couple struggling with some aspect of their relationship.

Couples do not have to be married or even living together to receive help.

My husband and I have been separated for three months but we went through this last year.

We are legally separated and I am 95% sure I will end up divorcing him.

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