Creole people dating

This was part of a government-based objective to de-emphasize ethnic differences. Government and administrative work is written in English.Results from the 1990 census are as follows: 535,028 Hindus, 172,047 Muslims, and 343,395 Christians, with 6,190 listed as Other. The press uses French, which is understood by more of the population than English.Mauritius was formed by volcanic activity that left a plateau in the middle of the island rising 2,200 feet (671 meters) above sea level.

Thus the true state of languages seems to be genuinely a hybrid affair, and the government finds this the least intrusive of all possible measures.In 1638 the Dutch made attempts to colonize and inhabit the island.They brought small numbers of African slaves and introduced sugarcane to the island.The British attacked and captured the strategic islands in 1810.Réunion was given back to the French four years later because of the lack of good harbors.

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