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3, 1744 West India Company West India Company to Com- Aug. This audacious conduct having been con- sidered, his Excellency the Commandeur t authorized to send for the said Maillard and the Indian woman. Sibertse welke tot mijn leetweese verneme door de franschen genomen te weesen, Flatteere niij echter de selve nevens de daarbij gevoegde Caerte deeser Eiviere nog in handen van UEGA sal weesen gekome dev/ijl men raij doet hoopen alle de boeken en papieren van dat schip aen d'Eijgenaars wederom gegeven sullen worden. Pros|)ect of disco\ering minerals in the moan- tains up in the Cuyuni . That His Excellency, knowing he had never been capa- ble of issuing such unheard of orders, had sent the Indian with written orders to Maillard to let the girl follow her father at once, but that he had not respected such order in any w^ay, and refused to comply with it, and that the Indian had returned to his Excellcny without results. Commandeuvj Essequiboy to West India Company, December 2, 174:8, (Extract.) DEESE alleen ten geleijde van de Copije mijner voorgaan He, per het schip de Jnffrouw Marga- reta Schipper I.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Puede ser que a este fin, y el de cubrir a los de haciendas de algun levantamiento de unos y otros esclavos hagan algun fuertecito con (los 6 tres cafioncitos y servido de quatro 6 seis hom])res. Tnquiriendo yo con este motivo los funda- uientos del Governador de Esquivo, para couceder tal proteccion, Uegue a entender, y se me ha asegurado despues, que los Estados generates en sus patentes & los Governadores de Esc^uibo les anaden el titulo de Goveniadores de Orinoco. (Hay una rubrica.) C(fhn'ta de Orinoco, 15 de Di/-ieinhr dc 1757. "What I understand from the Report is, that it A is intended to make some plantations for sugar- cane gi'owing, and unite for that purpose, with their owners and slaves, a number of Aruaca Indians, who are most in their confidence, to assist in preventing: soldiei-s deserting, as well as Indian slaves and negroes, in that district.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. ]£3r^ HARVARD Jj AWJj IBRAKV y- Rbcbives OCT 3 1 1,^.'^ -/ ' * BEITISH GUIANA BOUNDARY. Lo cierto es, que estos Governadores se nombran de E? Perniitidos oi en Muruca, pasanin otro dia A Barina, que desagua en la niisnia voea, y mas adelante vendnln al Rio Aguire, cuia voca esta en el misrao Orinoco algunas leguas distante del mar. It may be that, for that purpose, and to pro- tect the sugar estates from any outbreak of the slaves, both negi'oes and Indians, they may construct a small fort with a few small cannon, and guarded by some four or six soldiers. Hoope dat de brieven en papieren per de Juffrouw Margareta nog te regt gekomen sullen veesen, wijl met deselve een kaert van deese rivier hebbe gesonden aen UEOA opgemaekt uijt verscheijde kleijne die van tijd tot tijd hebbe oi)genomen en waer van geen copije hebbe ge- houden doordien onmogehjk lijd daartoe kondo vinden, en ik niet uijt woude stellen de beveelen van HEGA ter Vergaderinge der Tienen soo spoedig mogelijk naer te komen en nu bij gebrek van daer toe goet papier niet kan opmaken. Hoope nu met goed fondament daer in te sullen reusseeren wijl denke (le schepen nu wat regulierder en beter op haer tijd sullen koomen.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. APPENDIX TO THE CASE ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY. As in the maj(nity of cases the oriji:inals of Dutch documents are in the hands of Her Majesty's (Tovernment, no side-notes liave l9 14, „ Feb. No es niuy con forme al titulo de los Gover- nadores de Esquibo, y de Orinoco, pero si preciso para sus utilidades la suplica que hacen por escrito al Comandante de Guayana, para que deje pasar mas arriba a sus Aroacas, c^ue vienen A la pesca de la tortuga, y se me asegura que el (Joniandante no solo condesciende, sino (j[ue cubre con sus licencias a las diferentes emlmrcaciones, que suben a este fin. On making inquiries concerning this, and the grounds on which the Governor of Essequibo issued such protection, I came to learn, and I was afterwards assured, that the States -General in their commissions to the Governors of Esse- quibo also give them the title of Governoi-s of the Orinoco. Volgens het seggen der oude menschen en van d' indianen sonde deese jurisdictie beginnen ten oosten aen de kreek Abary en strekken ten westen tot aen de Rivier Barime daer in oude tijde een post geweest -l^ is dog dit seggen geeft geene de minste seker- lioijt. Wensehte egter wel indien mogelijk was de regte limiten te moge weten.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. According to the testimony of old men and of the Indians, this jurisdiction should begin on the east at the Creek Abary, and extend westwards as far as tlie River Barima, where in old times a Post existed ; but these sayings give not the slightest certainty. They say that they liave all ])een dead some twenty years and have come to life again. Your Excellency, on the 27th May I was told by an Ackewey of Demerara that the Acke- weys, who did so njuch mischief last year, are again getting themselves and their slaves ready to t(j war against th(» ( 'hristians.Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. ***** A wanderer of the name of Pinet having gone up the River Cuyuni to obtain hammocks by barter with the Indians, was requested by me carefully to spy out the doings of the Spaniards in that region — a duty for which he is very well fitted because he underntands the Carib language thoroughly, and is by no means destitute of intelligence. With regard to the Post all is still in ])eace, so long as Gr UEd. vei-soeken ons voorkwamen speculatijf en van eonseqnenten te kennen weezen.

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