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This newest generation of intraocular lens implants was designed to improve visual acuity by correcting a minor postoperative condition called glistening, which can have minor adverse effects on visual acuity.

As with most premium smart lenses, the en Vista IOL does incur some out-of-pocket expense to patients who choose this lens during cataract surgery.

Read More This Toric lens is designed to correct higher degrees of corneal astigmatism.

It can reduce glare and visual disturbances, and improve intermediate, as well as distance vision.

This lens is designed for those with pre-existing astigmatism.

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The en Vista intraocular lens (IOL) is a single-piece ultraviolet light absorbing lens developed to give patient long-term clarity and quality of vision.

Read More These newer types of lenses treat the cataract, while correcting presbyopia and astigmatism all at the same time.

In addition, these lenses can provide a better range of clear vision with minimal dependency on glasses.

The Trulign is a lens that treats the cataract, corrects presbyopia and astigmatism, and the need to wear glasses for distance vision (driving), intermediate vision (computer), and near vision (reading).

Read More This lens also treats the cataract while correcting both presbyopia and astigmatism.

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