Dallas austin dating

“It makes online dating conversation really monotonous.” Word puzzles gamify the initial conversation and provide another hurdle.

“We don’t want people becoming pen pals and just chatting with each other for weeks on end,” Nguyen says.

Like Chilli said when her son went to his prom lat year, “Time sure does fly.” And we hope that Dallas can get his tax problems to fly away soon too because the IRS is NO joke!

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As co-founder of Austin's newest dating app, LUCK, Nguyen feels that when men mindlessly swipe right on apps like Tinder or Bumble, it creates more work and frustration for women. Nguyen believes that other apps incentivize men to swipe right so it seems like they have more options.

“A bunch of guys just swipe right all the time and it overloads the system with meaningless matches,” he says.

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